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When Signed Notes Are Needed

A note to school signed by a parent or guardian is necessary when:
  • Your child was absent from school; please include reason and date(s) of absence
  • Your child has a medical or dental appointment during the school day
  • To excuse your child from P.E. (after 3 days we must have a doctor’s note)
  • Your child wants to get off the bus at a stop other than the regular stop
  • Your child usually rides the bus, but is to be excused from riding the bus home in the afternoon by walking to any other place except home, or riding with anyone except his/her own parents (this person must be named on the registration card as authorized to pick up the child from school)
  • Your child travels to and from school by a means other than the school bus
Students who plan to walk or ride bikes to and from school every day may bring one note that will be good for the whole year.