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Truancy & Tardiness

Any student who is absent from school (unexcused) more than 3 days is legally a truant. A fourth unexcused absence will start the Student Attendance Review Board (SARB) procedures:
  1. The fourth unexcused absence will result in a warning letter.
  2. The fifth unexcused absence will result in the second letter and a conference.
  3. The sixth unexcused absence results in the final warning letter attempting to improve the student’s attendance.
  4. A seventh unexcused absence results in referral to the SARB. Parents and students are required to appear before the Student Attendance Review Board to work out the truancy situation. Continued truancy may result in legal action.
A student who is tardy more than three times without an excuse is also considered truant and the same procedures shall apply as for absences (see above). Student tardiness can be a serious problem; it deprives the student of valuable instruction time and interrupts the teacher, the class, the cook (for lunch count), and the secretary for the tardy note.